A reliable internet connection is essential for communication with your clients, staff, suppliers and more. Ensuring you have the right internet connection for your requirements and budget is our goal. 

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Simply Stay Connected - Connectivity is managed & monitored (optional) meaning that you are in safe hands in the event of an issue. Maximize Your Budget - As experts we review your business needs and provide the best connectivity and speed for your budget.

Hosted Telephony

Office Phones have come along way. Traditionally businesses like yours would have had an on premises phone server and attached various handsets for each staff member. The maintenance and support costs for traditional phone systems were high, complexity arose around adding extra offices and businesses feared the dreaded upgrade costs. Introducing Hosted Telephony a system that never ages and provides excellent up-time, business features, scalability and  flexibility.​

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Wave Goodbye to Expensive Hardware Costs - With Hosted Telephony your phone handsets are Cloud compliant with the system being hosted 100% on the Cloud removing the need for a server onsite. You simply pay a fixed monthly fee for access to the platform waving goodbye to expensive future upgrade costs. Accessible from Anywhere - Your Office phones simply require an internet connection to work, so, in the event that you want to expand office, add an additional site, move office or work from home simply connect your handset to web and you are away!


New Office Cabling (power and comms) | Cabling Upgrades, Replacements and Additions| Power and Comms Cable Testing

More About This Service

New Office Cabling (power and comms)

  • Data Cabling – CAT 5 /6 and fibre structured cabling.

  • Cable Implementation projects w/ project plan & management (assessment, project runtime, handover inc network cabling plan.

  • Data Cabling Requirements Analysis & System Specification

  • Network cabling layout plans.

  • Cable patching and patch panel installations.

  • Telephone Cabling and Power.

  • Wall Mount Cabinets/ Comms Rack Install/ Computer Cabinets

  • Fibre Optic Solutions.

  • Cabling installations in ducted and non-ducted premises

  • Structured cabling service for building back-bone connections

  • Switch, Router and Firewall Installation

  • Rack Labelling

Cabling Upgrades, Replacements and Additions

  • Comms and Power Cabling

  • Additional Power Sockets

  • Additional Network Points

  • Cable Implementation projects w/ project plan & management (subject to size of the project)

  • Replacement patch panels and network cabling.

  • Telephone Line Move

  • Replacement Wall Mount Cabinets/ Comms Rack Install/ Computer Cabinets

  • Structured cabling service for building back-bone connections

  • Cable moves, cable adds and cable changes to your existing cabling infrastructure

Power and Comms Cable Testing Data Cabling Testing

  • Patch Panel Testing

  • Network and power layout plans

  • Diagnosing cabling faults.

  • Diagnosing data cable, fibre optic cable, PSTN line faults

  • Network Cabling Analysis and Network Cabling Design

  • System Cabling Maintenance

  • Rack Labelling

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