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As a business leader you understand that time is a precious commodity and spending time in the right areas is key towards developing your business.  In today's world technology plays a huge role for many businesses and ensuring  business systems are reliable, optimal and safe are key concerns.


To address these concerns we deliver a business technology review assessing your business technology security, people and processes by focusing on the below areas.


Regardless of the technology involved our team of experts are here to take the lead on the consultation, concept, design and implementation. Our team is readily available to undertake various projects and deliver business transformation.

You gather information about me, don't you?

First off, though we store information about you, we try hard to obscure the source so you aren't identifiable. To do that, we hash your user ID, be it an email address or Facebook username or something else, turning it into a cryptic jumble of characters (e.g. gE9I2$lsaP!r) that can't be reversed. We don't store your actual name,
email address, telephone number, or anything else like that; just the hash code is used to identify you.

So what information do we store about you?

We keep track of what games you've
played, what parts of the games you've played, where you're at and when, and
other details allowing you to retrieve your progress from one device on
another. We may also gather aggregated data about what parts of games users frequently play, where they get stuck, and other such details which enable us to improve the games. And to get a better idea of where our apps are being used, we may gather aggregated data about what country they are being obtained in or used in.

Where is this information stored?

Our apps store a local copy of the data on your device and, if you log into the apps, a synchronized copy of the data on our servers, located in the USA where we're headquartered.

What about your website?

As for our website, we gather aggregated data about its usage using Google Analytics, which allow us to see what pages are popular, what order users tend to navigate through our site, where they're coming from, etc. And we may use cookies in order to improve your experience

What if I'm a child?

We make apps for adults, but realize that some kids will play them anyhow.
So if you're a child, you need to get your parent's permission to use our
apps or website, and you need to get them to agree to this policy.

Do you share my information?

Yes and no. We do share it with vendors providing services to us, like marketing consultants and accountants and software developers, since they need the data to do their jobs for us. But they're bound by non-disclosure agreements requiring them to keep the data within our "team". And we may share some information with those who own our company, and other companies which we or they may own, as part of a family of companies. And we may be
required to share your data with law enforcement or other government agencies;
that's the law. And maybe someday some rich company will come along and want to pay a heap of money to buy out our company or a product of it, and the user information would be included with the purchase. But we don't sell it or rent it or give it away to others. Put simply, we use your information so you have a better user experience and so we can make better products and run our business.

What if I don't like all of this and want my data back?

If you don't like our privacy policy, or you simply don't trust us for some reason, you have two choices: You can use our apps anonymously, not logging in but instead playing as a "guest", which keeps your information from being synced to our servers but also limits the apps' functionality. Or, if you have already logged into an app, you can choose to delete all of your personal information within the app, which will delete both the local copy and the synced copy on our servers. Note though that some of your information may have already been aggregated into general statistics about our users, in an anonymous way; and since it's been anonymized, we can't delete that data from you because we can't tell what's yours. That's why we anonymize it.

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