Virtual Helpdesk

The world of technology can often prove troublesome and staying operational and focused on your business can be difficult when your team is complaining about I.T issues. This service is perfect if you are looking to claw back your time and resource as like most small businesses you are attempting to take care of your own I.T in-house or have assigned this role to a member of staff who has another job.  With Virtual Helpdesk, we provide reactive breakfix services supporting you when you need it the most.

Virtual I.T Manager

Virtual I.T Manager goes beyond reactive by providing you with onsite strategical and technical help. This service is perfect for your business but only if you are looking to build competitive systems with fast growth in mind. This service applies if you are ready to drive your business forward through the use of technology.


Although our focus is on getting you to the Cloud we provide transitional onsite server support and maintenance.


Securing your information (and your clients data) should be a priority.

The first line of defense is ensuring that workstations are fully protected and configured to best practice. With Workstation Security we keep your workstations functional, organised, compliant and protected using the power of the Cloud!


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