Its been a long time since I have personally written a blog about our little operation but today between projects, networking and the constant development sessions I thought I would take a few minutes to reach out and give you an update.

Firstly running a business is hard and there is lots to juggle. Amongst the various chainsaws and dangerous objects being thrown around I am now responsible for technical delivery for the business which suits me perfectly.

For over 10 years I have had a dream of building a company that looks after its employees well being, provides excellent service for its clients and will live on without me.

Every day I wake up in the morning with this on my mind and I am quite lucky to be part of a team that has the same vision!

In my working career, I have witnessed innovation, mass redundancies due to bad decisions and waved goodbye to friends and unpleasant people. I have also worked for some great people and for people who can't look after themselves let alone manage a business!

What I am trying to say is that experience is a wonderful thing and personally has shaped the way that I do things now (there is no right or wrong, only perspective) so if you are having a bad time at work then just think "its all experience" and remember that its hard to find good staff and you have the choice to do whatever you like if you are brave enough!

Anyway, things that are going well:

1. We are winning helpdesk contracts (whoop!)

2. We are making new contacts daily!

3. Linkedin followers are up to 45 (I remember when we had 2!)

4. We have T-shirts now and they compliment my shorts (great for summer)

5. We are implementing new technical standards when working with our clients!

6. We took on mentors for the business to help us grow!

7. We implemented a new documentation system for our clients!

Thank you for supporting our dream and until next time...

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