People Management Made Easy with Microsoft Shifts!

As co-owner of a small business I understand the difficulty of managing people so today I thought I would put together this blog on some technology that I thought might help you and may already be available to you (from a licencing perspective) via your Office 365 plan.

Have you heard of Microsoft Teams or more specifically the shifts feature? If you operate a remote workforce you are going to love this!

If you find this blog interesting and want to learn more, we run regular demos on Office 365 and would jump at the opportunity to show you how the Cloud suite can be adapted to work with your business - drop me an email ( if you would like me to book you in!

Office 365 = Winning

In my opinion If you are in the professional services sector and want to continue growing your mobile workforce and don’t have a server infrastructure located onsite then keep it that way! Microsoft now provide Cloud Infrastructure services which can help you do the below:

· Take and manage bookings

· Host email and calendars

· Run interesting reports on company performance

· Provide you with Office applications for your PC

· Creation of digital forms and surveys

· Invoice your customers and take online payments

· Provide you with file storage and sharing capabilities

· Contact management

· Help you to build interactive reports ad presentations

· Management of tasks in the business

· Digital to do lists

· Shift and team Management

All of the above is available on the Office 365 Business Premium plan!

Shift Management

Over the next few weeks I will talk about the others but today its "Microsoft Shifts".

Microsoft shifts is located as a module within Microsoft teams, a cloud product designed to enable better remote working. Let me take you through the shifts module.


The layout allows for easy planning with the simple to use interface.

Open shifts – allows you specify which shifts need to be assigned and then below that your team members with their availability.

As you can see our test team seems to be doing nothing this week and there are 5 shifts each day that needs to be assigned, which of course is simply ridiculous!?

In this example I am both a member and manager of my team, on holiday for two days and will be working on Thursday.

Assignment and Requests

You can assign holidays and shifts.

When you assign shifts or holiday this is what your mobile workforce see on their phones making it very clear when they are on shift and not.

Your staff can also view and request available open shifts

Staff can also swap shifts with other staff members and offer their shifts to other staff members.

And staff can understand when other staff members are on shift – which is great for cohesion and communication!

So that’s Microsoft shifts! As for most things cloud our team of consultants and helpdesk crew are here to help and with the lack of obvious onsite infrastructure (and maintenance) we guarantee that you will surprised at the value that you receive in exchange for the running costs of this solution!

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