If you are in the hospitality sector then this is for you.

Many businesses like yours often overlook the power of a professional guest wireless (Wi-Fi) solution. Its time to get SMART.


SMART Wi-Fi provide your guests with a great over the air internet experience but as a business owner it enables you to increase sales through digital product and service placement whilst learning about your guests and their behaviour for marketing purposes.

We provide next generation SMART Wi-Fi services tailored for Offices, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, SPA's, Salons, Cafes, Bars, Gyms and Transport businesses.



Your staff have different levels of competency around the use of business applications which is directly linked with the time taken to complete a task within their given role. Upskilling your staff is considered a win-win as staff that better understand and are familiar with their business tools or technology set are more productive due to being more knowledgeable.

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Presenting information to your visitors has always been an important part of marketing with the aim of positioning your products and services professionally to them. Many businesses similar to yours still rely on aged and sub optimal solutions such as the use of TV screens connected to computers or physical paper and whiteboards to achieve this. Being able to unify internal systems with accurate data flow from within your business is a key strategical driver towards success.

​With SMART Display we design and implement the perfect digital display or VR guest solution tailored to meet your business needs. Our easy to manage cloud solution delivers the best of both worlds providing you with the ability to clearly and concisely display business performance data intended to help drive productivity forward as well as strategically placed digital content displays with products, service information or advertising designed to educate and/or inspire customer spend.


Management, consistency and measurement are key components towards driving business growth and do not happen by accident. Understanding the process behind your success (and failures) is key towards growth. Here at Destination Cloud we deliver SMART Business which enables you to gain greater control over your business.

Smart Payment

A primary focus for any business providing services to consumers is to take payment swiftly, securely and professionally. Businesses like yours want to ensure accurate payment with fixed transaction rates but also understand useful trends to grow their business and overtake their competitors. With Smart Payment you can set cash targets and then measure your progress, gain access to takings in real time and review trend analysis reports to identify popular product and service sales with the aim of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Our Smart Payment solutions brings big benefits to small businesses for a reasonable cost.

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