If you are in the hospitality sector then this is for you.

Many businesses like yours often overlook the power of a professional guest wireless (Wi-Fi) solution. Its time to get SMART.


SMART Wi-Fi provide your guests with a great over the air internet experience but as a business owner it enables you to increase sales through digital product and service placement whilst learning about your guests and their behaviour for marketing purposes.

We provide next generation SMART Wi-Fi services tailored for Offices, Hotels, Pubs, Clubs, SPA's, Salons, Cafes, Bars, Gyms and Transport businesses.


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Fully Managed - We consult, design, install and maintain your wireless network providing full internal coverage and external coverage if required. Branded Advertisement – Branding, content and consistency is key to advertising. Building trust, great content, familiarity and a professional Business image is key towards successful advertising. Smart Wi-Fi delivers end to end branded content throughout, exposing users to your services, products and promotions in a familiar way. Smart Wi-Fi enables automated advertising according to the day of the week, time of day or custom criteria. Learn More – To allow customers or prospects access to your wireless network we can tailor Smart Wi-Fi to only allow access upon condition of the completion of a tailored form, questionnaire or linking of a social media account in order to collect valuable marketing information in exchange for the use of your wireless services. Smart Reporting – Smart Wi-Fi provides your marketing department with regular reporting including information on who connected to your guest wireless, whether they are a returning customer or visitor, where they spent time within your organisation, what device they used and much more. Cross referencing this with sales records allows you to understand customer buying behaviour and patterns allowing you to increase and master repeat sales. Control – Smart Wi-Fi enables your business to maintain control over guest access including content filtering for protection or usage limits. Maintaining a reliable connection for your many guests is key to a great experience, Smart Wi-Fi can enforce speed, time or download limits meaning greater control over your internet resources. Monetize your Wi-Fi – Smart Wi-Fi allows you to charge a fee to your guests for access to your wireless internet services enabling you to make a return from your wireless solution should you choose. Charges can be based on pre-set data packages or set by time restriction.


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As a business leader equipping your staff and providing training on business applications is key to a successful business but in most cases expensive and time consuming, often requiring bringing in an external training company. With Smart Training, the team at Destination Cloud provide you with access to an online training platform for each of your staff with up to 2000 how to videos. Learning programs can be set and tracked, your staff can train in a flexible way with minimal impact on your day to day operations. Smart Training provides up-to date training for the below applications and systems: Windows 10 Sharepoint Word Excel PowerPoint OneNote Outlook Office 365

Your staff have different levels of competency around the use of business applications which is directly linked with the time taken to complete a task within their given role. Upskilling your staff is considered a win-win as staff that better understand and are familiar with their business tools or technology set are more productive due to being more knowledgeable.


Presenting information to your visitors has always been an important part of marketing with the aim of positioning your products and services professionally to them. Many businesses similar to yours still rely on aged and sub optimal solutions such as the use of TV screens connected to computers or physical paper and whiteboards to achieve this. Being able to unify internal systems with accurate data flow from within your business is a key strategical driver towards success.

​With SMART Display we design and implement the perfect digital display or VR guest solution tailored to meet your business needs. Our easy to manage cloud solution delivers the best of both worlds providing you with the ability to clearly and concisely display business performance data intended to help drive productivity forward as well as strategically placed digital content displays with products, service information or advertising designed to educate and/or inspire customer spend.

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Digital Menu - As a restaurant or bar, regular promotions are great for business but unfortunately constantly changing paper menus can be costly and impractical. With digital displays we are able replace paper menus with fixed tamper proof digital menus and provide tailored custom sized video walls displaying your offering. Promotions can be planned and scheduled temporarily switching between regular display and promotional display. Virtual Assistant- We give you the advantage over your competition by updating your customer interaction process. With virtual assistant we provide furniture integrated tablet ordering systems perfect for restaurants, pubs and general stores. Digital Building Navigation Displays- For multi-tenant` environments such as business innovation hubs or hotels, aiding your visitors to navigate the building whilst including points of interest or safety information presents a helpful, professional business image. We replace traditional material signs with fixed modern digital displays keeping your business image, company message and branding consistent throughout your organisation. ​​​ Digital Receptionist- Having a reception or customer waiting area is an opportunity to interact with visitors during their idle dwell time. Traditionally reception desks are positioned with one or multiple receptionists, generally with a visitor book and paper marketing collateral. Smart Displays can be configured to handle the receptionist roles, managing check in and out, meeting room bookings, advertisements, safety protocols and entertainment content such as live TV streaming to waiting visitors. Smart display use a mixture of touch screen technology and video walls to provide a clean automated high-level client engagement strategy enhancing your reception and waiting room facilities. Smart displays can be used in conjunction with receptionists to assists in their roles, speeding up the rate and quality of service. Store Font Displays- Attracting the attention of passing foot traffic and persuading them to pop in or interact can often be a challenge. Traditionally poster and paper-based displays are utilised but changing the content can be time consuming and expensive. With Smart displays we install and configure tamper proof screens as your store front display with endless options to customise content, this provides you with the ability to advertise and educate the public on your business offering through the use of digital content. Digital Business Displays- Basic and out-dated tools such as paper-based product displays and TV screens with a computer connected was the only way to internally showcase your business portfolio to clients or prospects and display messages, goals or targets to employees. These methods are time consuming and costly to maintain, change and scale. Smart display allows you to present a professional image to clients and prospects whilst keeping your operational team competitive, up to date and on target, simply and efficiently. The team at Destination Cloud design and install the ideal digital business display solution for you increasing your professional image and operational efficiencies. Events (VR / Standard Display)- Attending marketing events is vital for new business growth. Marketing events must be meticulously planned and well prepared for in order to execute a professional business presentation and achieve your goals. Traditional setups generally require a large amount of cumbersome kit that needs to be transported and installed, this, along with educating prospects and collecting their information can be time consuming and overwhelming at points. ​​ With Smart Displays, the team at Destination Cloud provide your marketing team with easy to transport digital marketing stands capable of displaying a schedule of marketing material for the course of the event alongside interactive material built to educate and collect information on prospects, allowing you to do more with less.


Management, consistency and measurement are key components towards driving business growth and do not happen by accident. Understanding the process behind your success (and failures) is key towards growth. Here at Destination Cloud we deliver SMART Business which enables you to gain greater control over your business.

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Our straight through solution consists of three collaborative system components which lead to time savings and improved business simplicity and efficiency. An internal business system - That takes care of your business operation, invoicing, payment, quoting, booking and customer relationships. Website and integration - We consult with you and produce a business website with integration into your new business system. Hosted Telephony - We provide you with a telephone system based in the cloud with optional integration into the new business system. Getting under the bonnet and consulting with you around your business function, we review and source an appropriate system for your requirements. From here we then configure and automate your business processes and train you on how to use your new systems increasing revenue and introducing time savings.

Smart Payment

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Web Shop Integration- As a business having physical premises is a great way to showcase your business offering but there are limitations such as getting potential customers to physically visit you or by being limited by the number of people who “walk by” on any given day. With Smart Payment we can provide a hybrid enhancement giving your business the best of both worlds with minimal time investment. We achieve this by making it possible for your customers to purchase products and services through your website and then either collect in store or receive the goods via delivery giving you a chance to influence and convert more potential customers through the power of digital transformation. Installation- We consult, review your current processes, technology and data and then lift this into the Smart Payment Service and once complete we train you on how to use the new systems. New Branch, No Problem! – Our system is completely scalable and secure thanks to Cloud technology. This allows us to very simply extend our systems to your new branch with minimal configuration enabling you to trade quickly with no fuss and systems that you are used to. Loyalty System – Encouraging repeat business is key to the growth of your business and creating a club or loyalty system is quite often overlooked by a-lot of businesses. Gain the edge on your competition and enhance your customer’s experience by implementing Loyalty. With Loyalty you can assign each customer their own members area and provide points for every purchase with an incentive should they reach the set target. Stock Management - Gone are the days of manually managing stock, with Smart Payment, stock is tracked directly in line with sales and returns so that you accurately understand what you have and what you don’t at all times without spending hours or days checking. Stock replenishment can also be automated providing you with more time to focus on the growth of your business.

A primary focus for any business providing services to consumers is to take payment swiftly, securely and professionally. Businesses like yours want to ensure accurate payment with fixed transaction rates but also understand useful trends to grow their business and overtake their competitors. With Smart Payment you can set cash targets and then measure your progress, gain access to takings in real time and review trend analysis reports to identify popular product and service sales with the aim of doing more of what works and less of what doesn’t. Our Smart Payment solutions brings big benefits to small businesses for a reasonable cost.

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